5 Tips for Spring Cleaning with Interior Design in Mind

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning with Interior Design in Mind

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We’re all familiar with spring cleaning. Spring is the perfect time of year to open your windows, air out your home, and spend time on some much-needed deep cleaning and decluttering. While you’re refreshing your home, why not refresh your interior design, too?

Here are five simple tips to help you keep interior design in mind while spring cleaning this year:

1. Finish unfinished projects.

Spring cleaning is a great time to put the finishing touches on all those home improvement projects you started – and possibly abandoned – during the winter months. Maybe you were painting your bedroom, refinishing your floors, or changing out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to tie up these loose ends and finish the little projects that can make a BIG difference to your home’s appearance.

2. Swap out linens, pillows, and curtains.

When you’re tackling spring cleaning, you’ll probably take the opportunity to wash the soft finishes in your home that might just get spot cleaned the rest of the year. If you’re already taking down your living room curtains to clean them, why not swap them out for something different? Rotating your curtains, bed linens, and throw pillows is an easy way to keep your home looking fresh and new. It’s also a good strategy to help you remember to deep clean things like curtains, that might otherwise get overlooked!

3. Consider closed storage while organizing.

We all have clutter; that’s just a fact of life. A certain amount of well-staged open shelving can look chic, but leaving everything you own out on display can make a home feel too busy. While you’re decluttering and organizing this spring, consider adding some closed storage solutions to your home. TV stands with drawers and cabinets and built-ins with doors are perfect for hiding away some of the every day clutter, helping your home feel cleaner and more streamlined.

4. Give investment pieces special attention.

Do you have a beautiful, expensive rug in your living room, or an antique kitchen table that’s been in your family for generations? Spring cleaning is the perfect time to invest in maintaining these pieces. Rent a carpet cleaner (or hire a professional) to deep clean your rug and take the time to refinish that gorgeous table. You can also hire professionals to deep clean your couch! Maintaining these key items will keep them looking beautiful so they can elevate your home’s design for years to come.

5. Update your lighting.

Spring cleaning means dusting all the light fixtures – and maybe noticing that some of them have seen better days. Lighting is vital to a well-designed home. If your light fixtures are outdated, consider upgrading them this spring. If you don’t want to replace the fixtures themselves, something as simple as swapping out light bulbs can make a big difference!

Spring cleaning is all about making your home look its best – from dusting the baseboards to scrubbing the floors. Interior design is also about making your home look its best, so why shouldn’t the two go hand-in-hand? Use these tips to help your home sparkle this spring, and tell us in the comments what your favorite spring cleaning projects are!

 And if you’re looking for some foolproof spring cleaning products, download our Renovation Prep Guide for our recommendations!



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Updating your lighting, embracing closed storage, and regularly maintaining the investment pieces in your home can go a long way toward elevating your interior design. 

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5 Ways to Style a Large Wall Space

5 Ways to Style a Large Wall Space

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We’ve all been there – staring at a large, blank expanse of wall in our home, needing to fill the empty space but not knowing how. Gallery walls are always a good choice, when executed well, but they’re not your only choice! Here are just a few ideas to help you fill that empty wall, elevate your decor, and make your space feel complete.

Add a large gallery wall

This one is tried and true. There are many ways to do gallery walls, and you don’t have to use just photographs or pieces of artwork. When creating a gallery wall, try mixing various sizes and shapes of framed artwork and photographs, as well as incorporating different objects such as mirrors, sconces, ceramic wall art, or embroidery hoops to add a unique touch.

Add wainscoting

A great way to fill space on a wall is by adding wainscoting. Traditionally, wainscoting is used to protect walls from being scuffed or damaged by furniture, but wainscoting also has aesthetic benefits. Aesthetic wainscoting can be accented with artwork and wall sconces for an elegant solution to large blank walls.

Create framed wallpaper panels

If you don’t want to commit to wallpapering an entire wall but you’ve found a pattern you love, turn that wallpaper into custom art! Frame sections of wallpaper to resemble large art prints and use them to fill that empty space. Not only will they look beautiful, but they’ll be more cost-effective than purchasing large pieces of artwork.

Hang a large mirror

We often think of mirrors as just a functional piece, but they also have a lot of aesthetic value. An oversized mirror is a great way to fill a large expanse of empty wall space, with the added bonus of reflecting light and making your room look bigger. You can also use a large mirror as the focal point of a more extensive gallery wall.

Make a DIY letterboard

A DIY letterboard is just one example of a way to fill a large wall space that lets you flex your creative muscles. You can purchase kits to help you install these letterboards, or create your own with some creativity, time, and materials from the hardware store. Chalkboard walls, hand-painted murals, and other DIY projects can also be creative ways of filling the space.

No matter how you choose to style the large wall spaces in your home, the most important thing is to make them your own. With a bit of creativity and time, you can turn a large blank wall into a gorgeous focal point in your home.

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christmas holiday decor
christmas holiday decor
How to Create a Perfect Holiday Tablescape

How to Create a Perfect Holiday Tablescape

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If you’re hosting a meal for the holidays, don’t neglect your tablescape when planning your seasonal decor. The food will be the true star of the show, but an elegant table will elevate the atmosphere and add that extra touch of design and sophistication to any holiday gathering. But where should you start when you’re planning a holiday tablescape? Here are a few of the key components to keep in mind to help you build your tablescape step by step:

Rockin’ Around the Centerpiece

While your centerpiece is the literal center of your table, it’s also central to the design of your tablescape. Starting with your centerpiece and building your table around it is an excellent strategy for creating a cohesive look. Seasonal greenery, candles, and small decor pieces are popular for holiday centerpieces. Once your centerpiece is assembled, you can pull colors and textures from it to incorporate throughout your tablescape. For instance, if you have red berries in your centerpiece greenery, try coordinating with red napkins. Crystal votive candles might inspire crystal chargers, or organic textures might carry through to textured place mats.

Change It up With Chargers

If you don’t want to cover your table with a tablecloth, or if place mats just aren’t your style, chargers are an excellent choice for both practical and decorative purposes. Chargers can help protect your table from spills, heat, and condensation – and look good while doing it. If you keep your dishware simple, you can opt for a more decorative charger, or a simple charger can lend itself to more elaborate plates.

A Note on Napkins

Whether you’re using cloth napkins or disposable ones, there’s no need to settle for something plain. There are plenty of ways to embellish your napkins – without learning any complicated napkin folds. (Of course, if you love napkin folds, go for it!) Add a finishing touch to your napkins with a simple detail, like a napkin ring, a decorative pick, or a place card. Remember – it’s the little details that pull everything together.

Everyday essentials

Once your centerpiece and the decorative elements are in place, it’s time to address the basics. Silverware, glasses, plates – everything you need to actually enjoy a meal. It’s best to keep these pieces simple. The days of having special plates and utensils that only get used during the holidays are over. Invest in solid, high-quality dishes that will last you for years to come. Choosing neutral pieces will ensure your essentials will mix and match with every theme you choose, year after year. But neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! Look for plates with designs and patterns for visual interest, but choose neutral colors that can fit into any tablescape, like grays and off-whites.

A well-crafted tablescape is essential to any holiday meal. Not only will a beautiful table make your home-cooked meal look even more appetizing – it will make your guests feel welcome and set the tone for an elegant, enjoyable, and memorable evening.

What’s your number one holiday tablescape essential?



christmas holiday decor
christmas holiday decor
christmas holiday decor
Our Top Holiday Decor Picks from Target

Our Top Holiday Decor Picks from Target

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When it comes to interior design, there are certain things you should splurge on – and certain things that really shouldn’t break the bank. You only decorate for the holiday season once a year, and with decorating trends constantly changing, there’s no reason to drop all your cash when there are plenty of affordable – and gorgeous! – festive pieces available. If you’re looking to deck the halls on a dime, take a peek at some of our favorite holiday decor finds from Target this season.

Season’s Greetings

The first thing your guests will see when they arrive for a holiday get-together is your front door. We love elegant but festive greenery to make a great first impression. These picks from Target are a bit more understated than the chunkier wreaths of Christmas past.

Deck the Halls (and Shelves and Tables)

A key component to any kind of decorating is paying attention to the details, and holiday decor is no different. Adding a few festive touches to your tables, bookshelves, countertops, or mantle is easy with these whimsical seasonal accessories from Target.

  • This copper mailbox to store your letters to Santa from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia
  • This plush knitted tree from the Target Wondershop, perfect for sweater weather vibes
  • This glittery winter scene in a glass cloche from the Target Wondershop
  • This jute woven deer from Threshold, perfect for a touch of organic design
christmas holiday decor

Wreaths aren’t just for the front door! Try incorporating this holiday decor staple into other areas of your home.

christmas holiday decor

Festive Fun

While you’re busy perfecting your home’s holiday aesthetic, don’t forget your children’s rooms! Bring a touch of holiday magic to the kids’ spaces in your home with these fun Target finds.

  • This adorable Santa nutcracker from the Target Wondershop
  • This timeless truck figurine from the Target Wondershop, perfect for any kid’s bookshelf
  • This winter throw pillow from Threshold for a touch of the holidays at bedtime

With all the inexpensive seasonal decor available this time of year, it’s a breeze to prep your home for the holidays on a budget. There are countless decorative finds available at Target; these are just a few of our favorites! What are your favorite festive finds at Target this holiday season?

5 Small Decor Changes to Give Your Home Holiday Flair

5 Small Decor Changes to Give Your Home Holiday Flair

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Some people love going all out for the holiday season and decking the halls from top to bottom. Others prefer a more minimal approach to seasonal decor, either for the aesthetic, or sometimes just to make the post-holiday teardown easier. If you want to keep your home a bit more understated this holiday season, try one (or more!) of these quick and simple decor changes for just the right amount of festive flair.

Inexpensive Objects

You might not have room for a large Christmas tree or an elaborate holiday display in your home, or maybe you just have a neglected corner that needs some extra festive flair. We love decorative objects to spruce up any small space. Best of all, you don’t need to break the bank. There are plenty of beautiful, inexpensive pieces available for the holidays. We love these minimal but festive deer from the Target Wondershop – just $10 each!

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Add holiday potpourri to existing bowls for a touch of festive fun.

Holiday Add-Ons

If you have a well-styled home, you probably have a few staged bowls or dishes or trays laying around. It’s easy to add a touch of holiday magic to your existing decor with some faux florals and greenery. Holly and pinecones are elegant choices for the holiday season. Flocked branches can also add a touch of snowy elegance to your displays. We love this festive potpourri from Crate & Barrel – with the added bonus of a warm cinnamon scent!

Seasonal Swaps

Scented candles are a staple in many homes, but not all scents are created equal. There are smells for every time of year – and scents specifically for the holiday season! If you regularly keep a scented candle on your coffee table, desk, or vanity, swap out the generic floral notes for something more seasonal. You can even find scented candles with a bit more visual interest than the typical jar candle. We love this bell-shaped holiday candle from Pottery Barn that doubles as a decorative object.

Whimsical Wall Art

Take a look at your wall art for another simple decor swap this holiday season. No need to put any extra holes in the wall – just replace your existing wall art with something festive, and swap back when the holidays are done! If you want to add some extra holiday glow to your space, you could try something lighted, like this neon lettering from Pottery Barn.

Cozy Comfort

Throw pillows are one of those small details that can really tie a room together. If you’re looking to change your living space up for the winter holidays, swapping out or covering your throw pillows is a great solution! Don’t be afraid to mix and match for the perfect holiday vibe. This faux fur pillow, this snowflake pillow, and this Christmas tree pillow, all from Target, are the perfect trio to add festive texture to your living room.

Whether you have a small space to decorate, want to save some money on holiday embellishments, or just prefer a more understated holiday vibe, any of these small decor changes can make a big difference. Interior design is all about the details – and the same goes for seasonal decorating! What are your favorite quick and simple ways to spruce up your home for the holidays?