How to Create a Perfect Holiday Tablescape

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If you’re hosting a meal for the holidays, don’t neglect your tablescape when planning your seasonal decor. The food will be the true star of the show, but an elegant table will elevate the atmosphere and add that extra touch of design and sophistication to any holiday gathering. But where should you start when you’re planning a holiday tablescape? Here are a few of the key components to keep in mind to help you build your tablescape step by step:

Rockin’ Around the Centerpiece

While your centerpiece is the literal center of your table, it’s also central to the design of your tablescape. Starting with your centerpiece and building your table around it is an excellent strategy for creating a cohesive look. Seasonal greenery, candles, and small decor pieces are popular for holiday centerpieces. Once your centerpiece is assembled, you can pull colors and textures from it to incorporate throughout your tablescape. For instance, if you have red berries in your centerpiece greenery, try coordinating with red napkins. Crystal votive candles might inspire crystal chargers, or organic textures might carry through to textured place mats.

Change It up With Chargers

If you don’t want to cover your table with a tablecloth, or if place mats just aren’t your style, chargers are an excellent choice for both practical and decorative purposes. Chargers can help protect your table from spills, heat, and condensation – and look good while doing it. If you keep your dishware simple, you can opt for a more decorative charger, or a simple charger can lend itself to more elaborate plates.

A Note on Napkins

Whether you’re using cloth napkins or disposable ones, there’s no need to settle for something plain. There are plenty of ways to embellish your napkins – without learning any complicated napkin folds. (Of course, if you love napkin folds, go for it!) Add a finishing touch to your napkins with a simple detail, like a napkin ring, a decorative pick, or a place card. Remember – it’s the little details that pull everything together.

Everyday essentials

Once your centerpiece and the decorative elements are in place, it’s time to address the basics. Silverware, glasses, plates – everything you need to actually enjoy a meal. It’s best to keep these pieces simple. The days of having special plates and utensils that only get used during the holidays are over. Invest in solid, high-quality dishes that will last you for years to come. Choosing neutral pieces will ensure your essentials will mix and match with every theme you choose, year after year. But neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! Look for plates with designs and patterns for visual interest, but choose neutral colors that can fit into any tablescape, like grays and off-whites.

A well-crafted tablescape is essential to any holiday meal. Not only will a beautiful table make your home-cooked meal look even more appetizing – it will make your guests feel welcome and set the tone for an elegant, enjoyable, and memorable evening.

What’s your number one holiday tablescape essential?



christmas holiday decor
christmas holiday decor
christmas holiday decor

Written by Allie Racette

December 8, 2022


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