5 Ways to Style a Large Wall Space

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We’ve all been there – staring at a large, blank expanse of wall in our home, needing to fill the empty space but not knowing how. Gallery walls are always a good choice, when executed well, but they’re not your only choice! Here are just a few ideas to help you fill that empty wall, elevate your decor, and make your space feel complete.

Add a large gallery wall

This one is tried and true. There are many ways to do gallery walls, and you don’t have to use just photographs or pieces of artwork. When creating a gallery wall, try mixing various sizes and shapes of framed artwork and photographs, as well as incorporating different objects such as mirrors, sconces, ceramic wall art, or embroidery hoops to add a unique touch.

Add wainscoting

A great way to fill space on a wall is by adding wainscoting. Traditionally, wainscoting is used to protect walls from being scuffed or damaged by furniture, but wainscoting also has aesthetic benefits. Aesthetic wainscoting can be accented with artwork and wall sconces for an elegant solution to large blank walls.

Create framed wallpaper panels

If you don’t want to commit to wallpapering an entire wall but you’ve found a pattern you love, turn that wallpaper into custom art! Frame sections of wallpaper to resemble large art prints and use them to fill that empty space. Not only will they look beautiful, but they’ll be more cost-effective than purchasing large pieces of artwork.

Hang a large mirror

We often think of mirrors as just a functional piece, but they also have a lot of aesthetic value. An oversized mirror is a great way to fill a large expanse of empty wall space, with the added bonus of reflecting light and making your room look bigger. You can also use a large mirror as the focal point of a more extensive gallery wall.

Make a DIY letterboard

A DIY letterboard is just one example of a way to fill a large wall space that lets you flex your creative muscles. You can purchase kits to help you install these letterboards, or create your own with some creativity, time, and materials from the hardware store. Chalkboard walls, hand-painted murals, and other DIY projects can also be creative ways of filling the space.

No matter how you choose to style the large wall spaces in your home, the most important thing is to make them your own. With a bit of creativity and time, you can turn a large blank wall into a gorgeous focal point in your home.

christmas holiday decor
christmas holiday decor
christmas holiday decor

Written by Allie Racette

January 17, 2023


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