Primary Bathroom Reno: A Peek Into Our Design Process

Primary Bathroom Reno: A Peek Into Our Design Process

Sometimes people cave to the pressure of having a bathtub in their primary bathroom for the benefit of resale value, even if they aren’t avid bathers, but we’re giving you permission to get rid of that tub! If you aren’t using it, squeezing a bathtub into your primary bathroom might just be a waste of space, and a bit of an eyesore. Take a look at how removing the outdated bathtub helped us transform this master bathroom for our clients in Cary, NC.

We started this project with a bathroom that was stuck in the ’90s, featuring a built in garden tub, a tiny gold-framed shower, a low vanity, and outdated lighting. Our clients wanted us to transform their retro bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

Our first step was removing the garden tub, allowing us to expand the shower, add floating shelves, and open the area in front of the window to give the entire space a brighter, more airy feel. We chose a ceramic tile that mimics the appearance of marble to keep the bathroom looking luxe while still being easy to maintain, and we embellished with real marble hexagon tile in the shower pan and niche. An additional handheld showerhead, a bench, and a custom glass enclosure completed this gorgeous shower. The tub won’t be missed!

We enhanced the spa vibes with a brand new vanity with a Carrera marble top and polished nickel fixtures. Simple but beautiful wainscotting, tall mirrors, and new wall lighting pulled everything together, and a contrasting chandelier globe served as a focal point to finish off this updated oasis.

Of course, these design decisions aren’t made spur-of-the-moment. What the before and after photos don’t usually show is all the planning that happens long before demo starts, from layout renderings to tile selection to installation specifications and more. Take a look at the carousel below for a peek at all the decisions that have to be made before a renovation begins.

Our clients were thrilled with their new spa-inspired, tub-free master bathroom. If you’ve been thinking of bidding farewell to your bathtub, here are a few more gorgeous before and after photos that might help you take the leap.